how about the artwork


作品は全てアクリル絵具を主体として描いています。作品を描くために市販の絵絵具に様々な素材を「混ぜ合わ せ」「粘度を整え」「専用の道具」を作り、用いて完全な独自技法絵を作り上げています。そして、他に類を見ない作 風であり独特な見え方、唯一無二のアート作品が誕生します。 作品は塗り重ねることで半立体的になり、突起の有 る作風のが特徴です。単色を繰り返して使用するため刺繍と錯覚される事が多く見た目と質感にギャップを覚え、 つい触りたくなってしまうほど感覚を刺激します。 通常の平面では無いため光で生まれる影の影響も大きな効果 を与えてくれます。照明の光、窓から入る自然光の光が作り出す影は時間と共に変化します。その変化は光量や光 の角度に 同調し影が生まれその都度表情を変えます。 こういった変化に伴い作品の見え方も時間と共に変わり ます。そう、それはまるで生きているかの様に。


About My Semi 3D Art

With my proprietary painting technique I use mainly ordinary acrylic paint, mix in various substances, adjust the viscosity, and then use special tools to create one-off unique paintings. There is nothing else quite like them in the world.

They have a three-dimensional texture and are characterized by layers of extruded paint that create a unique appearance. Many people mistake the paintings for embroidery work because one color is used repeatedly, but then they realize it is paint and become perplexed because they have never seen anything like it before, which makes them want to touch the painting (but of course you must not!).

And because the paintings are not flat like ordinary paintings, they look different under different lighting. For example, the shadows created by artificial light and natural light change throughout the day, giving the paintings a different mood, so your impression of them changes over time. It is almost as if they are alive. Be sure to take a close look!