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細密画を得意とし、以前はモノクロの世界を描き続けていました。2002年パリ滞在中に出逢った一版多色刷り銅版画との相性がよく細密画の技術の要領で製作し続けていました。 旅で出会ったタイルモザイク アートも同様で自身の作風との相性もよく、作品の発展につながる事を悟りタイルモザイク アートの製作も始めます。

この様に、アートを製作をする為には出来る限り多くを観て学び、自身の世界観の「独自性」と「唯一無二」を心がけています。それが新しいアートの発展と刺激に繋がると信じて。情熱的に研究し制作し続けています。 そして、細密画を派手やかに大きく表現する事を考え今までの経験を組み合わして出来たのが道具を自作して描く新しい表現方が『半立体色彩画_よしかづ画法』になります。

Yoshikazu excelled at miniature painting, and have previously painted the monochrome world.  It was compatible with the encounter of one-color multi-color copperplate prints during his stay in Paris of 2002. The same applies to tile mosaic art that he found while traveling that was similar to his style. Soon later he created his own technique.  In this way, in order to make his artworks, he observes to learn as much as possible, and try to keep his perspective as “unique” and “one and only”.  Yoshikazu believes it will lead to new development and stimulation of new style of art, as he is still researching and creating the paintings with passion.  His unconventional style of drawing and choice of his original drawing tools came from the combination of his past experiences, considering the expressive representation of miniature paintings in a flashy manner.

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