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幼少の頃より絵を描く事・モノを造る事・料理をする事を好み何にでも好奇心を持ってい ました。現在もその頃のまま大人 に成長したように思えます。 十代後半からバックパッカーとして世界約 30 カ国を巡りました。旅により多くの刺激の恩恵を受 けた事は言うまでもありません。多くを旅で体と心に感じ作品制作の為の感性の肥やしとして培われています。

細密画を得意とし以前はモノクロの世界を描き続けていました。2002 年パリ滞在中に出 逢った一版多色刷り銅版画との相 性がよく細密画の技術の要領で制作し続けていました。旅で出逢ったタイルモザイクアートも同様で自身の作風との相性もよ く、作品の発展につ ながる事を悟りタイルモザイクアートの制作も始めます。

この様にアートを制作をする為には出来る限り多くを観て学び、自身の世界観の「独自 性」と「唯一無二」を心がけています。そ れが新しいアートの発展と刺激に繋がると信じて。情熱的に研究し制作し続けています。

今までの経験を組み合わせ細密画を派手やかに大きく表現する事を考え、道具を追求し自 作をする事で新しい表現方が完成 しました。それが『半立体色彩画 _ よしかづ画法』になり ます。


I’ve been interested in painting since I was a child, and I was always making things and cooking. I think I’m basically still the same even now, it’s just that my curiosity keeps growing in leaps and bounds.

I started to travel during my late teens as a backpacker, and visited about 30 countries. This of course stimu- lated me a lot and taught me a great deal. I think those days enriched my heart and soul, which is still a great help to my creativity.

Initially I did black and white miniature paintings. When I encountered multi-colored copper intaglio in 2002 during my stay in Paris, I thought it suited my style, so I started printmaking using miniature painting techniques.

I also saw tile mosaic art during my travels and sensed that I could develop that style of art into something of my own. So for a while I produced tile mosaic art.

I think one of the secrets to becoming an artist is to see a lot of things and to learn from them. I insist on having my own view of the world and proudly produce unique artwork that you won’t find anywhere else. Believing that my efforts will somehow stimulate the world and lead to the further evolution of the art industry, I continue to be passionate in my research and painting.

By combining things that I learned in the past, I have developed my miniature painting skills into something that allows me to produce brighter and bigger artwork. I also created my own tools, which have completed the Yoshikazu 3D Painting Technique.

I currently present my art in galleries and art festivals both in Japan and overseas, while producing other custom artwork for a growing number of discerning clients.

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