♪ Sound Forest ♬

🪣Material: Acrylic on wood canvas & Calimba & resin
🖌Technic : Semi 3D Yoshikazu artworks
🎨Artist:Yoshikazu KAJIKAWA
💻Official URL:http://yoshikazoo.com

この伝播も植物の広がり。「一つの種から森が始まる」雰囲気をイメージし、見えない音を具現化しました。 大変ユニークで、面白い作品となりました。立体物への作画なため、空間へ描く事を意識し制作しています。

Inspired by the idea of creating artworks that produce sound, I thought long and hard. Eventually, I came across the instrument known as the “kalimba.” This piece marks the inaugural creation of “sound-producing artworks.” When the sound resonates, it spreads outwards like ripples on the surface of water. This propagation mirrors the spread of vegetation. Imagining the atmosphere of “a forest beginning from a single seed,” I manifested invisible sounds. It’s become a truly unique and fascinating piece. As it’s a painting on a three-dimensional object, I’ve been mindful to create it with spatial awareness in mind.


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